I was born in auckland and have lived in Sydney, London and Sheffield and was in the UK for 18 years during which time I did my Osteopathic Degree and met my lovely wife Jo.

To me Osteopathy isn't just a job but its a passion and I feel very privileged to be doing something that I enjoy so much. I'm a firm believer in "everything in moderation" and I love cooking, eating, wine, craft beer, cheese and travel!! I used to be a chef and I am always happy to talk about food, recipes and nutrition! I encourage our boys to cook and love sharing my love of food with them. I am looking forwards to developing our new veggie patch and being a bit more self sufficient.

Music is my other big love. I was in a band in my mispent youth and we reformed a couple of years back. Its great to be back behind the mic and singing and playing again. I'm in the process of educating the boys about Vinyl and love to hear about new bands and new music.

On the sports front I really enjoy cycling, cricket and rugby, but spectate only in the latter! The boys are playing tennis and soccer and its great to watch them and support their teams. We hope to do a bit more tennis this summer as a family too.