osteopathy is a proven form of manual therapy that works with the joints, muscles and fascia of the body to restore mobility and function and reduce pain.

Osteopaths are extensively trained in not only anatomy and physiology, but also neurology, pathology, embryology and clinical diagnostic skills and gait movement analysis.

This enables us to assess, diagnose and treat your whole body in relation to how you move, what your job is, the sports and hobbies you partake in and your age and goals.

Communication is the key- communicating with your body to best understand what limitations it is currently facing and communicating with you about realistic and achievable outcomes.

Sometimes things are very easily resolved and at other times it involves taking the first step on more of a journey. We are all individual and thats part of the benefit of choosing Osteopathy. We don't follow a pre prescribed treatment plan. Instead each time you visit we will tailor the treatment to what you and your body need on that day.

On your first visit we will take a full case history including any medications you are on. We will then do a standing exam involving you probably removing a layer or 2 of clothes... a singlet and shorts are useful to bring with you. We need to be able to see the areas you are having trouble with and see how they relate to surrounding areas to- it helps us build a clear picture of what your body is telling us.

A few simple movements to show ranges of movement and then we will do a passive examination where we will palpate your muscles and joints and assess for restrictions, tenderness, inflammation. based on what we have found we will then treat what we have found and advise you on particular exercises, heat, taping, posture changes we think will help. We will never force you to do something you are not comfortable with, and will explain everything as we go along.

Treatment is gentle and shouldn't hurt. Some post treatment discomfort for 24 hours is not usual and is a good sign that your body is making some changes. If you are concerned about how you feel after a treatment of course give us a ring!!

The natural healing force in all of us is the greatest force in getting well
— Hippocrates